Steps to Building Your New Home


Step One – Site Selection and Plan Design

Establish a Budget

When we first meet, we’d like to address your price range. This information is important because it will direct us to the communities which meet your affordability and will help determine a square footage for the home based on your desired finish specifications.

Find an Ideal Location and Place a Lot Reservation

Once we have established a budget, we look at communities that offer you the convenience and location suitable to your lifestyle. At this time, you let us know what is important to you in regards to your home location. Location can have many variables from school district to the distance from your workplace.

Plan Selection From Our Archive, with Modifications, or Start from Scratch with a Completely New Plan

Throughout 30+ years of business, we have an extensive portfolio of plans to choose from. All are custom designed plans and can provide a basis for plan design modifications. In our design meetings, we will work to understand your needs and desires and if necessary, start a custom plan from scratch.

Pricing the Home to Meet Your Finishing Specifications

When we have finalized the footprint of the home, we will proceed with the full construction set of blueprints. At this time, we will meet with you and review the plan room by room, as your requested level of finish, from carpet to hardwood and trim to cabinets.

Price Presentation with 10 Pages of Specifications, Contract Signing, Pre-Approval from a Bank, and Down Payment

Upon completion of the above pricing phase, we schedule a meeting with you to review the contract price complete with a 10-page specification detailing room by room the finishings you requested and their appropriate allowances. The next step is contract signing. Our contract consists of the signed Louisville Home Builder Association Contract, the signed specifications, and the signed plan. Once these items are compete, we have the contract to build. At this point we require approximately 10% down and, within a week of signing, a pre-approval from the bank. This does not necessarily have to be the bank you get your financing with – this is just a pre-approval that states you can qualify to purchase a home of that value.

Step Three – Completion, Closing, and Warranty Support

Pre-Closing Walk-Through

At this point, closing is only days away. We will perform a walk-through on the home for punch list items and focus on completing al items prior to closing. Occasionally, due to weather or supplier delays, an item or two might be left to punch out. In this case, any remaining item will be documented at closing and completed on a priority basis.

Closing and Final Financing

Closing is when we hand you the keys to a home we would gladly call our own. Several weeks prior to closing we will have notified you to start processing your final documents with your bank. On average, most banks will need 3 weeks or so to order the proper appraisals and process the paperwork.

Warranty Commitment Upheld

At this point, we gladly support the warranty we provide you at closing. Making sure you are not forgotten, and our level of communication will remain the same, should our assistancee be needed. Should you have a problem or concern, we are just a phone call or email away. At one year, we will walk through the home to see if you have any nail pops or caulking issues that may have appeared following a heating and cooling season of which a home typically needs to adjust.

Step Two – Home Construction

Occasional Site walk-Throughs & set stages of construction

Our emphasis on communication will be a huge value through the construction process. We will let you know the items that will be needed several weeks ahead of selection. Typically, we will meet at framing completion and mechanical installation to review your requests and any potential changes you may have. Then, we will meet after dry wall for the trim walk-through. Next, we will walk through again several weeks before closing to start reviewing punch list items with you. We will accommodate your schedule whenever meetings are necessary. It is our service to be at “your service.”

Interior Designer assistance

We provide this service to help in paint color, tile, and carpet with an interior designer who is current with the decorating trends of the time. This gives you assurance that a professional has given insight as to the finished look of the home.