+ How many years have you been building?

We have over 30 years of custom home building experience with hundreds of homes built.

+ Are you a member of the Home Builders Association of Louisville?

Yes, Paragon Homes has been a registered builder since 1998.

+ Do you participate in home builders’ meetings and/or serve on action committees?

Scott Yates has served as Chair of the Home Builders Association, chaired numerous committees, and served on the Board of Directors since 2001.

+ How many homes do you build per year?

We currently build 18-20 homes a year. These homes all vary in site, price range, and the community where it is built. On average, we will not have more than a few homes in the same stage of construction. For instance, we may have some at the drawing stage, a few at the foundation stage, some at the framing and drywall stage, and some approaching completion. This allows us to keep from saturating our contractors, allowing for a steady path of construction.

+ In what price range do you build?

We typically build in the price range from $350,000 to $2,000,000+. This variation is due to lot prices and minimum square footage requirements of the neighborhoods we build in. The price of a home is greatly affected by the cost of the lot we build it on and is the basis for establishing our initial budget with you. Above all, no matter the price range of the home we build for you, the commitment to quality and craftsmanship will be the same.

+ Can we check with your banks in regard to your credit history?

We would happily provide you with our bank references.

+ Have you had liens against your company?

NO WAY! We have been building for over 30 years for a reason. The important building block for a successful custom home builder is financial expertise in the successful management of each individual project and is fundamentally one of the most important components in this business. The lack of this has put many builders out of business over the years.

+ How many homes has your company built over the years?

We have built and designed hundreds of custom homes over the last 30 years.

+ What achievements has your company made?

Member of Home Builders Association since 1998, Multi year time Homearama Grand Award Winner,
 30 Years of Custom Building Experience, 2010 President of the Home Builders Association of Louisville (HBAL), 6 Years on the Board of Directors HBAL, Currently a member of the Executive Board of HBAL, and served as president of HBAL in 2010.

The Process

+ Who is responsible for getting the construction loan?

Paragon Homes will get the construction loan. This takes a huge stress factor out of the building process for our clients and allows our buyers to concentrate on making finishing selections. Paragon Homes and their bank will require approximately 10% of the contract price at the time of signing the contract to build. After that point, unless there are change orders, nothing is due to Paragon Homes until we meet at the closing table to give you the keys to your new home.

+ Do you only build select plans or can I make modifications, or even start from scratch on a plan specific to my needs?

We have many custom designs we have built which could give us a great starting point in the design process. We can build these homes as they are, or make modifications from the simple to more complex. Many times, we will blend ideas from several plans and incorportant them into the “new” plan. If these plans or ideas don’t present a good basis, then we will start from scratch with you ideas and work hand-in-hand with our draftsman to make your dream structurally possible. This process can take 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the number of revisions we need to make to get to the final construction set. Once you have chosen a lot, we will usually be able to start designing in a matter of days from that point. We will work best to accommodate your schedules in the plan design phase.

+ How is the buyer involved in the process?

Once the contract is signed, you can leave the building to us. You have our assurance that your site will be supervised daily. What Paragon Homes will need from you is your finishing selections. This starts off with brick and cabinets, then proceeds to plumbing, fixtures, and lighting. The last half of the construction process we’ll need your flooring, paint, and landscape selections.

+ How will you provide updates on the status of the construction from start to finish?

You will be in touch with us several times a week, either via email or phone, or at times, at the jobsite, whichever works best for your lifestyle. At these times we will give you an update as to the progress and keep you abreast of what is forthcoming. We will have walk-throughs periodically with you as well. These will occur towards the end of framing and onset of mechanical installation, at the end of drywall so we can meet with our carpenters on trim, and during the last month on punch list items. We will make ourselves available at anytime should you have questions or concerns outside of the perviously listed walkthroughs.

+ Do you have a formal building process that all homes go through?

Yes. You can find this process at the Home Journey link.

+ After I decide to build with you what happens next?

Once we sign a contract, the project is set in motion the next business day by applying for permit, ordering surveys to plot the house on the lot, and setting up contractors to start. Weather permitting, we will usually be digging the foundation within a week or so.


+ Who will be the contractors assigned to work on my home and will meet/exceed expectations?

Our contractors have worked for us for years. We have an established relationship of trust. Because of this, they are aware of our high level of expectation and are willing to fulfill that expectation. The same communication level we proved you, the buyer, is the level we provide our contractors. Contractor supervision and communication is a fundamental key necessary for a flawless construction process. We will provide you with our subcontractors’ names of which you’ll need to make your finishing selections upon contract signing.

+ Do I have access to the jobsite throughout construction?

You will have access to the job site at all times. We do emphasis that it is a construction site with machinery, hard working contractors and hazards. Please be careful especially if children are with you.

+ Who oversees the contractors on the jobsite?

Either the builder or the assistant builder will be at the jobsite daily to oversee progress and be available for contractors’ questions and needs.


+ During the construction process, what elements are most important?

Communication between builder, client, and contractor makes for a smooth process.

+ What in your business’ philosophy sets you apart from the other builders in the industry?

Our expertise, dedication to quality, and strength of communication sets us apart from many in the industry. We are experts who you can trust with your biggest investment. The most important factors to us are communication and client satisfaction. With this, we make sure we are reachable 7 days a week for your questions and concerns, whether it is by phone, email, or visit. We will stay in communication several times a week as to the progress of your home and keep you informed of upcoming selections so that you are kept ahead of the game. Above all, we look at each home as if it were our own and give it the attention to detail we would wish our home to have – a home that exceeds industry standards.

+ Will I have a schedule as to when selections will be needed?

This will be given upon signing a contract and will be listed by priority as to when it will be needed. In this list will be the suppliers’ contact names and telephone numbers to schedule appointment times.

+ How important is client and builder communication?

One a scale from 1-10, it is a twelve. Communication allows a flawless and timely process. It is important that a jobsite doesn’t sit as a ghost house for a lengthy period of time. At contract signing, our price will be reflective of a time period, relative to the size of the home, for the home completion. With this, we appropriately reflect our carrying costs for our loan in that same time period. It is in our best interest to keep progress moving and this is why we will provide you with ample time to make your selections prior to us needing them at the jobsite.

+ How do you maintain a high level of communication?

The assistant builder will be in contact daily, if needed, with the buyers. Generally, this is to let you know about progress and what is forthcoming. Contact will be either in the form of emails, or phone calls, whichever works best for your lifestyle. When questions, concerns, or changes are brought to our attention, they are documented fully and addressed between the builder, assistant builder, and affected contractors as needed. Daily communication between those positions are necessary for a successful building process.

+ Will I have updates as to expenses I make throughout the process, and how often?

We will update you on expenses typically when we have our walkthroughs. Expenses are available at anytime once we have received your supplier quotes. Overages and credits will be documented on change orders of which you can pay as you go or apply to the ending contract price as closing. It is important to keep your bank approval in line with your expenses, and if necessary re-evaluate your bank approval.

+ How will I know what is coming up in each phase of the construction process?

The assistant builder will keep you abreast of items forthcoming so you can be prepared with your selections.


+ After closing, how do we get ahold of you for warranty matters?

Just contact us as you have during the construction process. We’ll be just as responsive to your needs.

+ Do you offer the Home Builders Association of Louisville 1-year warranty?


+ What is special about the home builder’s warranty that the buyer should know?

This warranty was designed by the Home Builders Association for the benefit of the home buyer. It is only provided by builders who are members in good standing of HBAL.


+ Can you provide references as to the overall satisfaction with the construction process and finished product?

We would be happy to provide you with references from clients we have built for and clients we are currently building for.

+ Can you provide bank references?

We would be glad to give you our bank references as well.

For more answers to your questions, contact us.